Aesthetic prices

Aesthetic Surgery is mostly considered a “want” rather than a “need”. This means that Medical Aid companies actively exclude this type of surgery from coverage.

Generally speaking, most Plastic Surgeons negotiate a fixed rate with both hospitals and anaesthetists who normally bill time, rather than procedural fees. This means that a fixed price can be settled on before the surgery.

Below is a guide to SOME of my 2018 aesthetic prices done at the Advanced Day Hospitla in Knysna. This is given as a “ball park” guide and I can only offer each patient an actual quote once I have personally examined them and determined what the best procedure (or combination of procedures) will be.

Aesthetic Medicine

Botox                           R 3000.00 – Full face treatment

Filler (Juvederm)         R 3 500.00 / 1 ml  | R 6 750.00 / 2 ml | R 10 000.00 / 3ml

PRP                            R 2 500.00 (per session)

Chemical Peel            R 2 500.00 (per TCA Peel)

Micro-needling           R 3 000.00 (per session)

Aesthetic Surgery in Office

All Office procedures are done under conscious sedation, as an outpatient.

Upper eyelids             R 19 000.00

Lower eyelid               R 20 000.00

4 Lid Blephroplasty    R 22 000.00

Facial Liposculpture  R 25 000.00 (includes jowl & neck liposuction and fat injection)

Dimpleplasty             R 14 000.00 (to create dimples on the cheeks)

Mini-Face Lift            R 56 000.00 (Surgeon’s discretion applies)

Inverted Nipples        R 14 000.00 (also applicable to nipple/areolar reduction)

Direct neck lift           R 26 000.00 (midline scar, mainly for male patients)

Chin Implant             R 24 000.00 (Silicone chin implant)

Otoplasty (Ears)       R 28 000.00 (For older than 13 years at surgeon’s discretion)

Labiaplasty              R 20 000.00

Aesthetic Surgery in Main Theatre

All theatre cases are done at the ADVANCED HEALTH DAY HOSPITAL, as a day case. Overnight care is available at the facility next door at an additional fee.

Breast Enlargement               R 53 000.00 (Motiva Round Implants)

Implant Revision                    R 55 000.00 (Motiva Round Implants)

Breast Enlargement + Lift     R 68 000.00 (Implants as above)

Mastopexy (Breast Lift)         R 46 000.00

Breast Reduction                  R 53 000.00

Gynaecomastia                     R 54 000.00

Rhinoplasty (Full)                  R 46 000.00

Rhinoplasty (Tip only)           R 29 000.00

Face Lift (Full)                      R 80 000.00 (Includes neck & jowl liposuction, fat grafting and chemical peel)

Tummy-Tuck                         R 51 000.00

Mini-Tummy Tuck                 R 35 000.00 (includes abdominal liposuction)

Liposuction                           R 54 000.00 (Up to 5000 cc removed)

Brachioplasty                       R 35 000.00

Calf Implants                       R 46 000.00

Thigh Lifts                           R 48 500.00

Buttock Augmentation        R 59 000.00 (I only use fat grafting [the “Brazilian Butt Augmentation”] using the patient’s own fat)

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If you are interested in Financing options as well as insurance for aesthetic procedures, feel free to contact Incred. Please note that I have no financial interest in the company.

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