Colleagues and Staff


I work with a number of qualified specialist anaesthetists who, I trust to be able to look after my patients as if they were my own family – and indeed they have been the anaesthetists I have specifically requested for my own family members. Although I may several excellent colleagues, my regular anaesthetists are:

Dr Dineshree Padiachy

Dr Mike Morford


The colleagues with whom I am associated are not only highly regarded in their own right, but are also my choice of specialists at the DGMC to which I have referred my family and friends.  They are (a non-exhaustive list, obviously):

Dr Alan Cairns – Specialist Surgeon

Drs Adam and Owen Nosworthy – Medical Oncologists

Dr Ashraf Wadee – Medical Oncologist

Dr Trudy Smith – Gynaecologist (Oncology)

Dr Noori Moti-Joosub – Dermatologist

Dr Ashan Nanan and Dr Khaleel Ismail – ENT Surgeons

Prof Wayne Grayson – Anatomical Pathologist (Ampath National Laboratories)

Prof Simon Nayler – Anatomical Pathologist (Gritzman & Thatcher Pathologists)