Scientific Publication

Publishing Scientific work is an important part of the work of an academic surgeon. Here are my published papers, with links as appropriate.

  1. Patient-controlled expansion: Applying a new technique to breast reconstruction. Widgerow AD, Murdoch M, Edwards G, Norval C.

Aesthetic Plast Surg. 2007 May-Jun;31(3):299-305.

  1. BRCA1, BRCA2 and PALB2 mutations and CHEK2 c.1100delC in different South African ethnic groups diagnosed with premenopausal and/or triple negative breast cancer. Z. Francies, T. Wainstein, K. De Leenee, A. Cairns, M. Murdoch, S. Nietz, H. Cubasch, B. Poppe, T. Van Maerken, B. Crombez, I. Coene, R. Kerr, J. P. Slabbert, A. Vral, A. Krause, A. Baeyens and K. B. M. Claes

BMC Cancer. 2015 15:912 Open Access – Link: or Download PFD

  1. Chromosomal radiosensitivity of lymphocytes in South African breast cancer patients of different ethnicity: An indirect measure of cancer susceptibility. F Z Francies, O Herd, X Muller, A Cairns, M Murdoch, S Nietz, J P Slabbert and A Baeyens.

S Afr Med J. 2015 ; 105(8):675-678. Open Access – Link: or Download PDF

  1. The influence of blood storage time and general anaesthesia on chromosomal radiosensitivity assessment. A Baeyens, O Herd, FZ Francies, A Cairns, G Katzman, M Murdoch, D Padiachy, M Morford, A Vral and J Slabbert.

Mutagenesis. 2015 ; 00, 1-6

Access via ResearchGate – Link:

  1. Adverse Reactions to Hyaluronidase Injection: 2 Case Reports, Literature review and Management Options. M Murdoch

SA Dermatology Review. 2015 Annual Edition

Access via ResearchGate – Link:

  1. Dark Circles under the Eyes : Diagnosis and Management. M Murdoch

Journal of Aesthetic Nursing 2016 5:9, 431-435