fig_grnd01“The whole is other than the sum of the parts.”
— Kurt Koffka

Gestalt Principles of Design 

When we view another human face, we perceive the face in its entirety and make our first impression judgement based on this. It takes less than 2 milliseconds and no eye movements for this to happen. Only then may we see the individual features of the face, such as the nose, eyebrows etc. Clearly then, the “whole” is more than (and perhaps greater than) the sum of the parts. Even when we look at each part detail, its aesthetic relationships to other parts are impossible to ignore, since we are primed to view them as a group. This has important implication for aesthetic treatments, which must be both balanced and widespread.

From the “Global Approach” to the “Gestalt Result”.

Over the last few years, the “global approach” has been an emerging trend. This has seen treatments extended across the face, with more areas being treated, but smaller amounts being used. The aim is a beautifully enhanced, but natural look.

Multi-modality treatment takes this paradigm to the next level by using several different treatment options, each aimed a specific aspect of aging, to create a result that is greater than any single treatment.

This trend will be driven by patients who seek a natural and timeless aesthetic, rather than the brash and obviously “done” look. The combination of less invasive surgery, energy-based devices, dermal fillers and neurotoxins, tailored to the specific needs of each patient will yield a result that is greater than the sum of each treatment – truly justifying the “Gestalt Result”. Practically achieving this is likely to require high level aesthetic intuition combined with technical virtuosity and it may be several years before this trend reaches its Zenith.

If you would like to experience the Gestalt Result, consider contacting me for a consultation where we can plan which of the many available technologies and products will be the best combination for you.