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Pelleve is a revolutionary medical aesthetic device used for skin wrinkle reduction and tissue lifting.

Pelleve allows excellent and progressive results with minimal impact on the patient’s lifestyle. It is a true no-downtime procedure! It is described as a no-pain procedure, but having been treated myself, I can confirm that this is not true! There is mild to moderate discomfort and it is easily tolerated with no anaesthesia.

I perform (and charge) for Pelleve in blocks of 2 sessions. For younger patients, 2 session are generally all that is needed, but older patients and those with significant sagging may require 4,6 or even 8 sessions.

While the results are impressive, it should be remembered that this is a non-surgical modality and cannot achieve the same results as invasive surgery.

It uses a best-in-class 4MHz (radiofrequency) current generator to target the deep dermis and connective in a precise and highly specific way.  Get more information about this procedure by reading this page.