Computer Imaging

Breast augmentation is a very popular procedure and is the most commonly requested aesthetic procedure. This means that there is a wealth of potential results that prospective patients can review. Nevertheless, since everyone is an individual, how a particular operation might look on you is often difficult to image.

Modern medical imaging technology is now available. I own a Canfield VECTRA 3-D computer imaging system. Pre-operative photos are taken and converted into a 3-D image that can be manipulated on a monitor. This is often very helpful, since both surgeon and patient have the same view and we can review even tiny details. Additional, some of the anxiety of being disrobed is removed and a frank discussion of the patient’s breasts can proceed. You can lean more about what to expect from the Sculpt My Dream site.

The VECTRA system allows you to see yourself from all angles as well as being able to review the potential results of various implant choices on your frame. Everything from sizes, planes, textures and profiles can be altered and reviewed. It’s like have a virtual breast augmentation!

It is important to understand that computer-assisted 3-D imaging is not perfect. I find it is most useful as a communication tool – particularly when it comes to choosing the size of the implant. Descriptive terms such as “not too big” are subject to wide interpretation. Some surgeons choose the implant size for the patient, others make the decision entirely on the patient’s discretion. I find both of these approaches antiquated and paternalistic. The VECTRA system allows open communication and immediate visualization so that we may come to the best decision for your frame – the system even suggests a range of acceptable implants.

The use of this system has been a most helpful addition to my practice, both during the pre-operative consultation as well as for follow up reviews.

You can Download the VECTRA brochure here.