Botox is the most used aesthetic treatment and is one of the most prescribed and administered medications on the planet with more than 30 million treatments administered every year. Despite this Botox has (quite unfairly) being given a bad rep due to myths, urban legends and plain misinformation. Get the right information from me, by clicking the links below. I personally believe that in terms of cost to benefit ratio, Botox remains unrivaled compared to other anti-aging treatment options.

  • Botox FAQ – commonly asked questions and quite thorough answers
  • Botox Doses per area (and costs) – an overview of the most commonly treated areas.
  • Mechanism of action video – the easiest way to understand how this medication works (Click the video to start)


Many patients are afraid (and possibly rightly so) of the “Frozen Look”. This is directly related to excessive doses and poor injection techniques.

I am particularly experienced in the use of modest Botox doses, placed precisely, to achieve a very natural aesthetic appearance.

With an understanding of the anatomy of the facial muscles and well honed aesthetic judgement, completely natural results are routinely achievable..

Botox is like salt in a soup – more can always be added to taste, but not taken away once added.

Similarly, pain is often considered to be prohibitive, but I use a specifically developed and highly effective local anaesthetic cream which makes Botox virtually painless to administer.

To achieve excellent and predicable results, a deep understanding of the product is essential. I only used the original Botox from Allergan, Inc. and do not use neurotoxins from other companies.